Customer Care

For several years I have created high quality, customized baby mobiles for over 2000 clients, several who have returned for baby #2 (and 3 - YAY)  I am one little business in a billion.  When you purchase from Sunshine and Vodka, you get to deal with the owner, maker and shipper all in one, me!  How fun is that?    

In all seriousness - I appreciate every one of my customers, past, present and future.  


I will not share your information with anyone - I won't ever share your name or contact details on my social media accounts either.  I don't have time to spam your email or care to sell it and hate when companies think that's okay.  

NONE of my designs are meant for babies or young children as a 'toy' unless clearly stated.  I use tiny buttons, beads, fishing string, pompoms and ribbons that are a choking hazard to infants and small children.  They are for DECORATION use ONLY.  Please keep that in mind when purchasing.  They are NOT intended to hang over a crib or where baby can grab them and possibly harm themselves.  The best place to hang them is over a nursing chair, bookshelf, empty corner or changing table.  


I am a single maker and prefer to focus on the quality of my products vs. the quantity and am unable to offer wholesale at this time.


- Credit / Debit Cards